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About Us.


"We strive to transform
your Music Creations 
in long lasting stories
that highlight 
your Imagery."
 Patrícia Abreu



"Music is a powerful

storytelling device.

Combined with visuals,

we get to dive in

the stories we’re told."

   Olívia Mamberti


“There is an understanding that can happen only

between children and parents.

It can also lead to huge misunderstandings,

but when it works it can be

quite incredible”.

Andy Goldsworthy

This mom and daughter partnership was originated in 2017, due to the most common need in our time for young creators: to publish original quality content and keep the social platforms updated, gradually building-up an audience. In Olivia’s case, to showcase her original compositions that were blossoming and taking shape.


As a Photographer, I bring in my professional experience doing Props and Art Direction for TV Series, Movies and Publicity, alongside my Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design to add up to the adventure of making moving images.


During the past 2 years, we’ve strengthen our bond and communication more than ever. Today, we’re officially launching our company, LimeZest Studioinspired by our sum of experiences and mutual admiration for each-other's talent and individuality.

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Patrícia Abreu



Production &

  Graphic Designer

Screen Shot 2019-07-24 at 01.18.05.png



I’m a 18 year old Brazilian Musician, currently based in Berlin, who is completely fascinated about the idea of creating soundtracks for a living. Music Production for me is an escape from the routine, it allows me to create parallel universes, redefine moments and immerse myself in brand new stories, helping me at the same time to comprehend the world around us a little bit better through harmonies and melodies. 

Besides composing and producing, I’m also passionate about Video Editing, and I edit all the Music Videos here at LimeZest. Being a musician gives me great insight when working on, not just mine, but other artists and bands’ content, being able to really connect the music with the images, creating harmony, synchronisation, and transforming them into more complete projects. 



Singer- Songwriter

Video Editor

Behind Our Scenes.
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